Pray for Door to Remain Open

December 29, 2023 | Mirco and Paola Franzini

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Here some recent prayer needs and thanksgivings: 

1) God the Father has opened a door for us. A center where several prisoners under house arrest and several people with various addictions to medicines, drugs and alcohol are housed. Every time God gives me opportunity to preach there, preceded by some song that Paola shares, (she translated in English my message) there is always, on the part of someone; interest, questions, and confession of sins. For me it is a joy to share the glorious Word of the Gospel in situations like these. Pray that this door will remain open and we may see real conversions.

2) It was a great joy to see Morena kneel down to invoke salvation and forgiveness and then give her life to Jesus!
3) Some days ago we were able to visit our friends, owners of a company with more than 80 workers. They shared various things about their lives with us. For our part, we were able to distribute diverse Christian literature and calendars. Then we prayed for them and our time together was truly productive. We continue to pray for Andrea and Marzia.

4) We have distributed several calendars with the daily Word of God. A young woman, whose name is Diletta, has very much appreciated this gift, underlining her disappointment at the fall in values ​​of our society! 

At the end of this year, even though we have gone through many trials, we can say that we are deeply grateful to God for the works he has prepared for us, for his liberations and for the faithfulness that Jesus has still shown us! Thanks again to all of you for your prayerful and practical support, without which it would be much more difficult to operate in an increasingly complicated social context. Thank you Jesus! Thank you all.

With sincere affection, have a blessed new year!

Mirco and Paola

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