Prayer Changes Things!

February 18, 2019 | Bradley and Annie Balfour

Dear Family and Friends,

As I wrote this newsletter, I was so excited to share so many answered prayers as well as opportunities for further prayer.  God is doing a great work here in Las Vegas.  It is beyond fantastic to be a part of it.  AND, to share about it so that you can see and understand that you are a part of it as well!  Thank you each and every one of you who pray, give, serve, and encourage in this ministry.  God listens to and answers those prayers.

I have a few photos of one of the biggest answered prayers and that is the probable new location for East Valley Bible Church.  It is truly wonderful.  BUT, there are still a couple of hurdles to clear before it is totally confirmed so please continue to pray.  And then, there are photos of the many “other” activities that are on going and exciting to be a part of.  AND, included in those photos are some fun family adventures and a family announcement that is worthy of all praise.

Have I tantalized you enough to get you to click on the link below to the “Balfour Newsletter for February 2019?  Please do and give praise to our Father who is so faithful to listen and answer.  He is beyond words to describe!

All Praises To Him,

Bradley for the Family


Communion Preparations

East Valley Bible Church Service