Prayer Request For Direction

April 16, 2022 | Jeffrey and Angela Anderson

Dear Family and Friends,

In July of 2018 we moved out of our 13th floor apartment in Miraflores and into the 2nd floor apartment in the house of Angela’s Grandpa (Hilario) and Aunt (Graciela), who has a 33 year old mentally and physically handicapped daughter that also lives with them. Hilario is 98 but still has the strength to walk and the mind to converse. Sadly he is an unrepentant sinner that still has the strength and will to be abusive. Part of the reason for moving in here was to look after them. Shortly after moving in, Angela had to intervene because he grew violent. Because of the intervention, he tried to kick us out. However, we had signed a rental contract with Graciela and we do pay rent on a monthly basis and so we stayed and he calmed down.  Since that day in 2018 we have had to intervene several times in order to protect Graciela and her daughter. Finally this week everything came to a head and the police were notified. A formal complaint for the first time in his life has been filed against him. Yesterday was Graciela’s birthday and so he faked repentance in order to celebrate the day. That being said the day ended with him justifying his actions and this morning started with him shouting at his daughter, Graciela, and calling Angela, “my enemy.”

This also affects the ministry as we feel that one of us always has to be in the house now. Ángela didn’t go to prayer meeting last night for this very reason and we are wondering what to do about tomorrow and the Bible study in Uchumayo. Do I go by myself? Do we invite him to go with us? Do we go and leave them, trusting that God will protect them? What’s the right thing to do?

Why do we share this with you? It is because we value your prayers and because we love Hilario. We really had hoped that the scandal of police intervention and a formal complaint would’ve affected him, but he is still the same person that says, “I have never harmed anyone and I have no fault.” How hardened a man becomes! We ask that you pray for wisdom and discernment. Please pray for Graciela and her daughter for protection. And most of all, we covet your prayers for the salvation of 98 year old Hilario, that he would humble himself before God and seek with a true repentant heart the salvation and forgiveness that only Christ can give.

Finish Strong,
Jeff and Ángela Anderson

Prayer Request For Direction