Prayers Requested From Spain

March 3, 2020 | Dan and Sharon Leatherwood

Greetings from Spain!

As we have turned another calendar page of 2020, we are faced with a situation we haven’t had before. We have three weeks of camp this summer, but only have two weeks covered by a team from the States. The attitude of our hearts is waiting on the Lord while being responsible for our part by planning the details of camp. We have reached out to numerous leads this year, but none are available for this summer. We have 30 kids that have signed up for week 3 which is July 5-11th. We have to set a deadline of April 1, to make the decision to cancel the camp if individuals or a group has not reached out by then. In respect for the families here, we cannot wait until May or June to tell them that we don’t have coverage for their children. They need time to make other plans.

Let me tell you the beautiful story behind the team coming for the first 2 weeks! An individual came by herself last year and added into a team from Dan’s mom’s home church in California. She was quite the mission minded young lady and jumped right in with her enthusiasm and servant heart! She wanted to stay for the remaining weeks but could not adjust plans for that. Instead, she went back to the States and reported to her school and they caught the excitement and now they are sending a team! Go God!

Can that be your story? Is God putting the spark in you to take a mission trip here? It’s a different mission trip as the people here have their physical needs met: there is clean water, housing, food and medical treatments available. What they don’t have is Jesus. Come be a light this summer! We made an informational video that you can watch if you would like to see a snip it of what camp looks like and hear the heart behind it.  Click on this link to see it on YouTube: 

Please be praying over these next weeks with us for God to show us His plan. It’s His camp and we want to be in His will.

Thank you for joining with us in praying,
Dan and Sharon for the family

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