Praying For A Locale

June 28, 2022 | Victor and Maddy Ramirez

June 2022 Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Warriors,

We are going to the United States this summer! I will be attending a Billy Graham Association conference the last week of July in Asheville, NC. Afterward, I will travel to Minneapolis for the first week of August. Our final week will be in Sioux Falls, SD. I would love to see you if you are in town!
Maddy and the kids are also coming and will spend quality time with family. They are looking forward to things from America that we have talked about, such as root beer floats and s´mores. We can’t get those special treats here because Spanish people have not been civilized that way …yet. 🙂 Mostly we are excited to be encouraged by our prayer and support team, fellowship with many believers, and worship God together. That is something we really miss around here while trying to plant a church in rural Spain.
As far as our ministry here… We keep looking for a storefront for the church plant and center for outreach. The options are still too expensive and need a lot of initial investment. I am growing impatient about this. At first, I see all the positive sides of a place I am shown, but later I think about what would have to go into that place to make it work. I remind myself that I’m not trying to establish a building but a church. A friend mentioned that I might be trying to put the roof before the rest of the house.
Since arriving to Fraga, we have tried to build connections with people (this got interrupted by the pandemic and since then navigating things has been different everywhere). We have not found the person of peace. Although people are very friendly and welcoming; the mention of the Bible or an emphasis on Jesus builds a very hard wall against further conversation.
A storefront would help us be more visible and provide more opportunities for outreach. We would be more accessible to people from the town who already know me and to people who are just here temporarily or have moved in recently.
In the end, we all know the church is not the building, but the people who come to learn about, worship, and serve God.
We are praying for these people and I know and thank you for you praying for our ministry here too. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

All for Jesus!

Victor and Maddy Ramirez

Fraga, Huesca, Spain