Preaching and Baptizing

June 20, 2023 | Mirco and Paola Franzini

Dear brothers and friends in Jesus,

We want to share our last experience in Lodi (Milan) last Sunday, June 18th. Mirco was invited to preach at a baptismal service. Five new believers have entered the waters to testify of their faith in Christ!

After preaching in front of just under 200 people (including several non-believers), Mirco made an appeal to come to Christ and 5 people came forward! Three believers took a stand to leave a type of life that did not conform to the thought of God. Two unbelievers, including a young Muslim woman, stepped forward to receive the living Word! Glory to Jesus! We are happy!

We are now at home…Pray for the people I mentioned and for our hosts: Gianni and Bibbiana. They both have different health problems despite being young and they also have to take care of three children.

Thank you for your support! God strengthen you and make you abound in the knowledge of his Son!

God bless you.

Mirco and Paola

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