Pressing On With Deputation

October 31, 2023 | Blue Asia Grace

Dear Praying Friends,

As we continue to seek the Lord’s provision for finances to enable us to get to the field for ministry, we know that God uses things like funding as a way to control the when and how of ministry. We are steadfast and firm and calling to this country we have been called to and so we know that He will network us together with the people He wants to be on our financial support Team. All along the way, the Lord has blessed us time and time again and shown us that He is still involved in this process. So we are waiting upon Him.

We are sorry that we cannot share more about the country we are called to but their government prevents us from being more open about this. Thank you for understanding and for your prayers. Please contact us through the TBM Website if you have any further questions.

We have attached a Newsletter link below to update you about what has been happening in our family.


Pressing On With Deputation