Progress in Las Vegas!

December 8, 2017 | Matt and Emmerie Moore

The following is a series of updates from the Moores about East Valley Bible Church’s progress on a meeting place. AND…a surprise at the end!

(Written October 19, 2017)
Update for East Valley’s Building
We continue to see God’s hand in providing and blessing the process for the building. There have been other pastors in the valley who have shown support. Others outside of Vegas who are excited with us. People within our church are being assertive. Everywhere we look we see support coming in! We tell you all this so you may be excited for and with us. You have been with us the last 5 years! (We just hit our 5 year anniversary this month!) This is a big step forward with a lot of moving parts. Here is a quick rundown of what needs to happen in order to move in.
Permit Approvals
We are at the mercy of the city. We need two permits to use the building. The Conditional Use Permit is going to be approved November 16. We are unsure what is needed for the Assembly Permit. Please pray for this permit to be simple and the city workers would be helpful.
Sign the Lease
This process has been a long one. And the renting agent told us this week they may need to put the unit back on the market. We have had to wait on the owner, the city and back again. Please pray the agent would be patient. And please pray things would move along so we can sign the lease.
Move In
November 16 is the date to start working on the building, decorating and moving ourselves in!

(Written November 16, 2017 before the meeting)
Step 1: Almost Complete
This evening at 6 Pacific Time we are meeting with the city of Henderson to gain approval to use the building. This is one in many steps we need to accomplish to use the building. But it is the first. After this we can focus on signing the lease and making improvements to the building.
We are in need of your prayers. We have personally seen churches be denied for no reason at all. Our hope is this will go simply and smoothly so we can know clearly what our next step is. Please pray God would make the decisions favorable to East Valley moving forward. And please pray the next step would come naturally and swiftly after tonight.

The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord. – Proverbs 16:33 Thank you for riding along on this journey with us. We are so excited to see how this all works for the glory of the Lord and the maturing of His people.

(Written November 16, 2017 after the meeting)
Thankful for God’s provision!
The meeting with the city took about an hour. For our item on the docket it took 60 seconds. There was a silent moment when the opportunity was given to object. And it passed with 100% approval by the city.

We are so thankful for your prayers and support of us as we have traveled down this road in pursuit of a building. There are still steps to take but this was the first.

Monday I already have a meeting in place to meet with the owner. This is to discuss improvements and bringing the unit up to the appropriate code. Please pray for grace and willingness from the owner to help us get into the building.

Today we are rejoicing because if God is for us, who can be against us. God is good!

In Other News…
We wanted to let you all know Emmerie is pregnant! She is due in April! Here is a picture of Emmerie and the girls and the new little one!

Progress in Las Vegas!