Projects and Adjustments

May 18, 2020 | Terry and Helen Cline

Terry and Helen’s full update can be viewed here:  Projects and Adjustments

Thank you        
Thank you
Thank you!
For your prayer and financial support.  The Lord bless you richly in your faithfulness.

What are we doing at TBM during Covid19?

Around the Home Office, things have not changed a lot a lot during Covid19, except being careful with the guidelines.  We do not have a  lot of people in the building, so it if fairly easy to comply.  Our greatest need for being in the building each month is to get the payroll done for the missionaries in a timely manner.
We did have a couple of times when Ben turned the office phones over to our personal phones, and we had to stay at home and do our work for a short while, but we had the technology to be able to do it. Yay!
The TBM board had its spring meeting in May, with only four members present, and the rest were on Zoom.  It’s not ideal, because it is valuable to see body language and facial expressions in person, but the business still gets done.  Pray for TBM board and missionaries.

Building projects at TBM

Pray about our spring and summer projects.  Covid19 is making the timing unsettled, so pray that the Lord will allow people to come and help.
Pray for Ben as he seeks to find the right windows to buy. Pray for us to finish the project, once we get started.  We will be painting the outside of the building after the windows are installed.
There is also some minor landscaping which needs to be done.
Maintaining a building is a continual process!
Our son, Ben, and his family will soon be moving from La Grange to Gering, NE.  They will be about 40 miles away.  Sarah teaches in Gering, and the winter drive from La Grange was grueling. We will miss them being so close, but we are also relieved that Sarah will not have to be driving in blizzards anymore. Pray for them as they move.
Dylan and Megan are both planning to attend Frontier School of the Bible this fall, Lord willing.  Travis will be starting high school in Gering which is only about a three minute walk from their new home.
Years ago Helen and I had a flower shop.  Occasionally we get asked to help with a wedding.
We know two couples who are going into marriage.  One is our intern at the Home Office, and he and Haley got married May 4th.
Our other son’s sister-in-law will marry in July.  Terry had the privilege of making the wedding flowers for both of them.

Congratulations to both of you!

A different sort of Covid19 project

Another project we got started is with our grandson, Travis.  He likes to make special projects.  This one (see photo on Pictures tab) is a wooden (our available medium) sword we made which is an approximate replica of one from a video game.

Coffee will Help us through Covid!

Ben's family is moving

Wedding flowers

Travis' sword project