Remembering God’s Works and Faithfulness

September 11, 2019 | Dan and Sharon Leatherwood

Dear Friends and Family,

So often in Scripture, God points out the importance of remembering how He has worked and shown His faithfulness. Along the same lines, we want to take a moment to share about some of what God has been doing in Spain and the Leatherwoods.

English Cowboy Camp outreach
We were blessed to be able to have three weeks of camp again this year each staffed by a different group (from the Grove Church in Riverside, CA, Bridgepoint Bible Church in Houston, and a group of young adults affiliated with Bible Study Fellowship). Each week was a special opportunity to see how God had prepared each team member to shine and share a different aspect of who He is to the group of campers that attended. In total, we had 150 campers of whom 4 came from families that attend a Bible believing church. The first two weeks we focused on different values (self-control, integrity, wisdom, humility / pride, and kindness) using Bible passages and personal examples to teach them. Then week 3 (14-16-year old’s), we focused on various topics (Relationships, Goals, Other’s Thoughts, Golden Rule and how it all impacts your life) again using Bible passages and personal experiences to teach them. It was amazing to see how God opened communications with the campers as they approached the staff with questions about God and suffering, purpose of life, abortion, the Bible, and several other topics. The teams that came were able to share about how God has worked in their lives and were transparent as they shared how faithful God has been. Throughout each week, good seed was planted in good soil. Please pray with us that God would continue to grow the seed and remove any obstacle that will try and choke it out.

Family Update
The end of August, Andrew, 18 years old, came back from Spain to move into the university in California. He is attending California Baptist University in Riverside. He spent the first few days, meeting TCK’s (third culture kids) like himself and now has started classes and is adjusting well to this new chapter (as well as preparing for his driver’s license behind the wheel exam).

Aida, 21 years old, joined the army reserves to go through their EMT program and is preparing to go to boot camp October 7.

Jordan, 24 years old, (and who by the way was the program director for the third week of camp this year) is getting married on October 12 to Girven, who is a great Christian guy in Houston.

The rest of the kids are all doing well and growing in the next stages of life as well. In a future letter we will write more about them.

We were blessed to be able to come back to the States to help Andrew move in to college and to help prepare for and participate in Jordan’s wedding.

Church plant in Tafalla
While we are gone the church plant core group is currently using this time to visit and encourage a church in Estella and one in Pamplona (30 minutes away) and to pray for the next chapter in the life and outreach of the church in Tafalla. Please pray with us that the Lord would continue to develop an outward vision in the body.

Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers. You are a critical part of the ministry in Spain.
Dan and Sharon Leatherwood

2019 Camp Week 1

2019 Camp Week 2

2019 Camp Week 3