Requesting Some Prayers

July 28, 2023 | Delwin and Techy Fowler

Thanks so much for the faithful prayers!!  Keep them coming, please!

I, Delwin, became sick on Thursday, the 20th. I was trying to treat at home but was not improving so I was admitted to the hospital here in Tarapoto on Monday July 24 and released on Thursday July 27.  After some endoscope procedures, they determined that I had had some bleeding stomach ulcers but are not quite sure why. I entered with hemoglobin at 9.3 and left with 10.4.  So, I am still sick and very tired on a very bland diet.  The last two days I have pretty much stayed in bed with little to no energy.

While in the hospital the result of the endoscopy showed the ulcers had scarred over and were not draining blood into the body anymore.  So, I remain on medicine to improve it even more.  Also, they did a colonoscopy which showed no bad concerns.  It will take a while to replenish the blood and hemoglobin and therefore get the strength back.

Thanks so much for your gifts and your faithful prayers!  Please put me on your prayer chain and get people to pray for my recovery.  It will be difficult, but I should take time off to recover, so pray for a special time of spiritual strength along with the physical energy I need.  Thank you!

Have a great day and God bless,

Delwin & Techy Fowler

The Fowler Family less Jennifer

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