Returning Home Is So Sweet!

October 7, 2018 | Dan and Sharon Leatherwood

Hello from Spain!

We are back and the schedule is in full swing. We had a sweet time in our first Sunday service with breakfast and fellowship beforehand. In the service, we talked about thinking beyond ourselves and having a missional desire for the town. There is a family who had come many years ago, but had moved away that is now back in the area and they joined us! The son is 23 and has a background in music and a heart for the Lord. He is interested in helping in the church by possibly preparing and leading worship! What a huge blessing that will be, because we are currently using the iPod with the soundtracks.

Last week, we had a Skype call with a couple who is planning to come in mid-November to speak at a 3-day conference that we are setting up in Tafalla. Their background is in Creationism and we are excited about how that ties in with the plan to have an apologetics discussion each month. This could be our kickoff of the new schedule. Please be in prayer for this conference as we plan to have it in the main plaza in town where any and all can easily walk up and hear. Our brother-in-law is designing flyers for us to distribute to advertise the event. The couple will then travel to have outreach with two sets of missionaries in other parts of Spain.

NEEDS: Weather wear and tear has caused the wooden sign on the church front to deteriorate and is now completely split across. Our desire is to have this replaced with a more practical modern sign material and have a local company make one. This will be an additional cost outside of normal monthly expenses. If this is something you desire to contribute to, please email me and let us know.

With our love in Christ,
Dan and Sharon for the family

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