Seeking Opportunities To Share

March 5, 2020 | Nathaniel and Kara McRae

Dear Friends,

We want to send out a brief e-mail update on our preparations for moving to the Home Office in May. We have been calling churches and individuals, taking as many opportunities to share as we are given. Sometimes this looks like sharing in an “official” church service, and other times it is coffee with a pastor, a prayer card left at a barbershop, or a conversation at work or with a friend. A group is hosting a fundraiser dinner for us on March 14. We will be taking a trip through Virginia and Pennsylvania in the last part of March to visit friends and family, so please pray for that trip to be encouraging (for us and them) and that we will recognize the opportunities God gives us to share.

We continue to look for a reliable vehicle, as God has been gracious enough to sustain the van we have so far, despite the increasing number of strange noises and vibrations from underneath. It still runs, and the functional heater is a bonus. We have received some gifts toward a vehicle, including some advice on what models/features to look for. We are sure God will lead us to just the right thing at the right time.

Raising support is just about what we expected. We enjoy sharing and talking with people, yet at 14%, it is easy to feel like we are failing. We remind ourselves that that percentage is not our metric for success, and we are really enjoying the fellowship with believers (some old friends, some new) as we get to share in different places. We know God will provide exactly what He sees fit and have been so encouraged by the conversations and prayers we have had with people as we share.  If you have some thoughts of where we might share, please click on our newsletter link below to get our current contact information.

The practical tasks of moving across the country are looming large, and we are trying to prepare as much as we can before things get REALLY hectic. This means changing insurance, address (we hope to include our new mailing address in our next update), and jobs, as Nathaniel looks for supplemental work in Wyoming. We are praying for wisdom as we consider what jobs will provide helpful finances and relationships, while not impeding on the time and focus necessary for our mission and ministry. We are confident that God has something that will be a perfect fit. We are also trying to “purge” our belongings to make the move easier, while also making sure we have everything we need for living in Wyoming. In a month or so, we hope to have a move date on the calendar, a moving truck reserved, and our migration plan scheduled.

We do have a house we are planning to live in when we arrive in Wyoming. This is a huge answer to prayer, as when we visited last fall, there was no housing in town. After several weeks, a friend called, saying they had something available outside of town that we could rent (Thanks, Johnsons!).

The children are starting to realize that, while going is exciting, leaving is difficult, as they have some dear friends here. We are feeling the same thing, as we have had to say the first few goodbyes to people we will not see again before we leave.

That sums up most of what we are doing lately. We are hoping to send a fuller update in April, when we have all the information about scheduling and a new address. For now, please pray for us as we make all the plans, begin transitioning, and try to balance all that with daily life, as well as support raising. We are sure God has the perfect plan and timing, yet so often we still catch ourselves putting ourselves under stress and anxiety about getting it all done. We have a lot of growing to do, it seems.

We thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement. We really do want you to let us know how we can be praying for you or helping in any way we can, as well. We have been discussing lately how we are all co-laborers toward the same cause!

Nathaniel, Kara
Juliana, Ariana, Cassandra
Grant McRae


The McRae Family