Sing Of His Strength!

July 7, 2021 | Skip and Betty Harkins

“But as for me, I shall sing of thou strength, yes, I shall joyfully sing of thou loving kindness in the morning, for thou hast been my stronghold, and a refuge in the day of my distress O my strength, I will sing praises to Thee for God is my stronghold, the God who shows me loving kindness.”

June 2021
Greetings from Brazil.

Sorry, I have been so late in getting this update to you all.

I have had problems with my computer. We did everything possible to find the problem. Reformatted, changed internet server and nothing seemed to work. The problem persisted. Finally, we found the problem to be the mouse. It has a button on it and it was stuck and not working right. Frustration for sure. Anyway they reformatted my computer to Windows 10 and now to find my way around in it.

We are in our winter time down here and the Southern part of Brazil is having severe cold and even snow. We are down in the 60’s . But Skip feels the chill more. A new virus is coming around. Lots of people dying also. We have lost some dear friends, missionaries and some neighbors also. We have been vaccinated but do remain at home. I only go out for a short walk and continue to use mask and alcohol gel etc. I only go out if I have to.

The church is going well except we have had low attendance since all this pandemic has started. Guess people are too scared to mix with us. We moved to the new building to have more room for distancing etc. and seems to be working well. We had three people baptized in Dec 2020. But so sad to say they have a problem with their son (who was also baptized) and instead of coming closer to the Lord they have not been back in a number of Sundays. They have been visited and prayed with etc. but still they do not appear. So sad to see this. Our extra activities are still on hold because of the restrictions. Sure do miss the children’s activities. We have not moved the piano up to the new bldg. So I use the Accordion more. Sunday School is small because of the restrictions and not many kids coming. Our ladies are studying the book “Having a Mary heart in a Mary World”. Such a good study with much scripture. The ladies are being blessed and I am also. I am blessed to see some growth in some of our members.

The last Sunday in May, we celebrated 38 years since the church began. We had two churches represented and Skip went also. I think he had too much going as the next week he was weak and had low blood pressure and so I called the Dr and he said it was from low blood pressure but he has gotten much better and much stronger. He complains of much pain in his right foot. But he is so much better. His speech has improved also. He fell a couple weeks ago but did not injure himself. He continues to go to services, reads his Bible and prays a good while each day. He can communicate if we have the patience for him to get it out.

We continually praise the Lord for you and you are Always in our prayers . Thank you so much for your faithfulness in praying and giving.

PRAISE with us for:

Those baptized recently
For growth among the brothern
For Skip feeling better
For a therapist who comes twice a week
For Gods gracious provisions to us

PRAY with us:

For the right man to come to us at church. Our pastor has informed the church he is leaving the end of the year.
Skips continued health needs.
My health needs as I have spurs on my back which affect the sciatic nerve.
For revival among the church people.
For each of us to take advantage of the opportunities to witness. May we look at things above and not so much earthly things.
May we make an impact as a church to others around us.

May God bless each of you Have a blessed summer in the Lord.

In Christ,
Skip and Betty

Sing Of His Strength!