Sowing The Seeds Of Christ

July 6, 2020 | John and Anna Bazemore

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope all of you are doing well, especially in light of the effects of COVID-19. Like all of you, we are adjusting to the new normal after the effects of the virus. Italy has resumed its daily functioning with businesses and restaurants open using the parameters of wearing masks and social distancing.  As normal functions slowly return, military members are beginning their PCS moves. If you aren’t familiar with the term PCS, it means “permanent change of station.” In lay terms, changing assignments or relocating to new military installations. PCS moves are bittersweet for us. Some of our families and single troops are leaving to new duty stations. We will miss them very much. However, new families and singles will be arriving by summer’s end.  We eagerly await their arrival. We ask you to pray with us that we can connect with these new arrivals, and God will draw them to our Christian community.

Attached below is the link to our Bazemore News for July 2020.  Because PCS season is on our mind, we wanted to put forth a visual image of the many families and individuals we have had the pleasure of ministering to who have moved on to other military installations or separated from the military. Please pray that each of them sow seeds for Christ in the communities they live and work. Also, pray for their continued spiritual growth.

We are grateful to each of you for your prayer and faithful support. May our Lord bless you richly as you continue to look to Him for all things.

In Christ,
John & Anna


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