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March 4, 2019 | Dan and Sharon Leatherwood

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you very much for your prayers for the ministry here in the middle zone of Navarra.  Last Sunday, we had a special apologetics service at church focusing on the concept how a loving God could create a place like Hell and whether or not He sends people there.  We had some very interesting discussions and were able to address the concepts or doubts that existed as we looked at what the Bible has to say about it.  Please pray especially for Leibi (pronounced Lay-be).  She is a Jehovah’s Witness who actively goes to the Kingdom Hall but has also been coming to services with us on Sunday evenings.  She is very engaged in the discussions and studies we have.

Please also pray for Sharon’s Mom.  She is going to be having a colostomy reversal surgery this Wednesday, March 6th.  Sharon was able to make a trip there and be there to help with the recovery.  While she will be in Houston, she is also able to meet with camp teams and host families for the reverse mission’s trip.

Please pray for the English summer camps.  We will have three weeks of camp and all three are full and have a waiting list.  Now we are waiting on the Lord for His details with lesson planning, team formation, and activity preparation.

Thank you for your participation in this ministry through your prayers and encouragement,

Dan and Sharon Leatherwood

Dan and Sharon

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