The Ortega’s Marching Orders In Cuba

March 12, 2020 | Franc and Mary Ortega

Dearest Ones,

Not all has to be well with us in order for God to be God. Regardless of anything, God is God and He is good, and we rest on that. We delight in His presence even while under pressure and we seek to know Him through the experience, not just because He bails us out of the experience.

As you read of what God, in His sovereignty, is allowing in our lives, rejoice in knowing that He wants us all to know that He is God Psalm 46:10.

So, read, rejoice and remember to pray for us and then rest assure that He is God.

Franc & Mary Ortega
Psalm 48:14

PS. 1. Attached below you will find our March newsletter. Please open it and read about our ministry in Cuba last month as well as our plans for the next three months.

PS. 2. With current coronavirus conditions and our Panama flight scheduled for this coming Monday, we find ourselves in serious need of your valuable prayers. If we can fly out, will we be able to return? If so, will our uncertain health condition keep us from helping Sarai, due to her weak autoimmune system? If we cancel our trip, will Mary’s mother be able to hold out until a more favorable time for us to fly in and see her? Many things are up in the air at this time.


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