The Ortega’s Marching Orders

March 21, 2018 | Franc and Mary Ortega

Our dear friends, it’s time to spring into action for the LORD.

Since you are our faithful friends who read, pray and support our ministries at Maranatha Bible Church in McAllen and for the last 10 years in Cuba, we feel the need to share with you how things are going on down here and in the Pearl of the Caribbean.

We have many exciting activities to share with you. (Park evangelism in McAllen, church discipleship in Maranatha, and new churches and baptisms in Cuba) AND, we have some great future activities to share as well. The Lord is always working and we need to keep seeking Him as to where that is and then take part in it. Oh, the blessings that flow! Please click on the link below titled The Ortegas March 2018 Newsletter.pdf. We pray you are as encouraged about what He is doing as we are. We would ask that you praise the Lord for and pray for Angelin (see newsletter).

Thank you for being a part of all of these activities. You share in the blessings.

Frank and Mary Ortega


The Ortega’s Marching Orders

The Ortega’s Marching Orders