The Special Blessing of Missionary Kids

March 1, 2019 | Ron and Wanda Thompson

It is hard to over estimate the value of our ‘next generation’ of servants… the children of our current TBM missionaries.  I wish Wanda and I could take you with us on a tour of our Mission Fields, to meet these extraordinary young adults, teens, and children.  One of our MK’s is a Doctor in Spain, another is heading for the mission field in Africa, while still others are currently in the midst of their Bible training.

Wanda and I have been especially blessed to have three MK’s  pastor churches that we have planted.  They do a masterful job in shepherding their flock and teaching God’s word, in part because of the training they received on the field and in the home of their parents, who served as missionaries.

When you pray for our missionaries throughout the world, would you also take time to pray for their children?  In many cases, these kids will spend their life growing up on a foreign field, while only occasionally connecting with family and friends back in the States.  They are usually bi-lingual and bi-cultural.  God does not always lead them to the Mission Field, but the ones He does lead are uniquely prepared for service!


  Wanda and I want to thank you for your gifts of support and your faithful prayer on our behalf.  This year we celebrate 48 years of Missionary service !

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Blessing of Missionary Kids