The Year is Almost Gone, But Your Prayers are Still Needed!

December 11, 2018 | Matt and Emmerie Moore

We can all throw up our hands and ask, “Where did the year go?”
Thank you for spending another year investing in our family and Vegas.

Here are prayer requests from the last couple of weeks:

December 11:

  • Praise God for Emmerie! She just had her birthday on the 8th. She means so much to our family and to me. we love her deeply!
  • Pray for East Valley to find the next location for our body to meet. Our lease is up in January and we would love to find a place we can access 7 days a week.
  • Pray for leaders to develop within our group. As I invest into the people, I want to find receptive hearts who want to grow.

December 4:

  • Our celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus last Sunday was sweet. We heard testimonies and remembered Jesus in His holiness. Thank you for praying.
  • Pray for a certain man who has stopped coming to church. I am praying for humility for him and his family. We desire to see him connected to a church and growing.
  • Pray for us as parents. Having two 3 year olds and a baby is time consuming and a test of patience. Pray for our family as we desire to parent well.

The Year is Almost Gone, But Your Prayers are Still Needed!