Three Weeks of Summer Camp Soon to Begin

May 24, 2017 | Dan and Sharon Leatherwood

Thank you for your prayers for the special meeting we had a couple weeks ago as we invited friends and contacts to come and discuss the topic of how there can be both a loving God and suffering in the world. We had one teenager who has visited before come along with the majority of the church group. Although there were not more visitors in attendance, there were many people who passed by in front of the building and took a good look to see what was going on inside. We know that there were more seeds sown! Just the other day I was reminded how word of mouth works in Tafalla as a mother I had never met came up to ask about the possibilities of sending her daughter to the US with us next summer (of 2018). She told me that she knew that we lived in Artajona and so wasn´t sure when she would be able to talk to us about the activity. (This was to explain why she had suddenly pulled her car in front of ours as we were trying to pull out of our parking spot!)

Now we are preparing the last details for the upcoming camps which start June 24 and continue through July 14. Please be praying for all of the staff that will be travelling from different points in the US as well as those who are already here in Spain. Also pray for the 150 campers that will be in attendance during the three weeks of camp. I have already had some interesting conversations with parents and have been reminded how God has been working and will continue to work in these weeks of camp and beyond in the campers and all of us as staff too. Thank you for your prayers!

You can read our update by clicking on the link below titled The Leatherwood Latest — May 2017.pdf. Please read the rest of newsletter to see what has transpired since then.

With our love from Spain,
Dan Leatherwood for the family


Three Weeks of Summer Camp Soon to Begin