Two Ortega Updates

October 25, 2023 | Franc and Mary Ortega

Dear loving prayer Warriors,  
Thanks so very much for your love and prayer support you have covered us with.  
I very brief update on my cardiac procedure I was programmed for today.  
Unfortunately, it did not happen! When I came into the hospital for my scheduled procedure, according to their medical records, they had no surgery programmed for me for today. They went into depth to find out what the confusion was, and it turns out that, contrary to what I was informed, my cardiologist changed the date of my procedure from October 25 to November 6, but failed to let me know about it. Needless to say that we wasted out 4 drive from McAllen to San Antonio and will have return again in a couple of weeks.  
So, we often pray for God’s will to be done, right? I don’t know where God fits into all this, but at the end of the day, He is sovereign over all, even human mistakes. There’s nothing to do, other than accept what it is.  
Thanks so very much for your love and valuable prayers. Please, do not keep me off your list, not until after my November 6 procedure. I continue to experience extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness episodes and sharp and sudden headaches. I just need to be able to ride out this wave of symptoms for two more weeks.  
Many blessings to all of you. 
Franc Ortega  


I am STILL Here! 
Needless to say that we’ve undergone many sudden and unexpected changes in the last few hours in San Antonio, Texas. I had a great night’s sleep last night, waking up and showing up to what I thought was my scheduled aortic valve procedure. The previous 3 weeks had become quite uncomfortable to breathe for me due to this aortic valve leak I was left with since last year. I was very looking forward to getting some much-needed relief this morning, as this issue has become increasingly worse. To my shocking surprise, as described earlier, the hospital had NO record of my scheduled procedure. In short, my cardiologist office failed to properly communicate with the hospital about the procedure. I was NOT a happy camper, to say the least. I mean, after all – they had just made me skip my breakfast for this procedure!!! WHAT is wrong with that doctor????? Ha! After a couple phone calls to find out just what had happened, we left the hospital quite disappointed. After that tense experience, I was both hungry and very exhausted. So, off we went for breakfast and then to bed for a much-needed nap. I woke up an hour later, just as exhausted and gasping for air. So, upon my wife’s urgent request, I called my cardiologist again and explained that according to my symptoms, I might not be able to wait 2 weeks to be operated on. After a short while, I heard back from my cardiologist, and they had a cancelation called in today for tomorrow. So, long story short, I will undergo my procedure tomorrow, Thursday, at 10:30 am. I am STILL here! And I thank you for STILL being there! 
Please, do keep me in your prayers!        

Eternally thankful,

Franc Ortega
Ps. 48:14

Two Ortega Updates