We Are On Our Way!

April 1, 2019 | Brad and Ellie Harris

Dear Family and Friends,

We are very excited for the adventure we are starting TOMORROW!  We are coming back to the States for a 9 month furlough.  There are always so many family and friends to visit with and so many new friends to make.  And the Lord always shows Himself to be so Big, Loving, and Faithful all along the way.

We do have a number of prayer requests that we would love you to join us in praying for.  I have listed them in our attached newsletter below.  Just click on The Harris Happenings for March 2019 to get it to open.

Thank you so very much in joining with us in the Lord’s throne room with these items.  We hope to see many of you and share how He has answered.

In Christ,

Brad & Ellie


We Are On Our Way!