Why Are Flamingos Pink?

July 28, 2020 | Jeffrey and Angela Anderson

Dear Family and Friends,

I have a new video update for you to view. Please click here (https://vimeo.com/442251154) to watch it.  In this update I talk a little about the church livestream setup that I use for online preaching, a small change in the location of the donation ministry shown on Google Earth maps, a few photos of the region, and a little lesson that flamingos can teach us.

If you are interested or have missed some, you can go to our missionary webpage (if you click on “Go to Missionary Page”), you can click on “Missionary Videos” to see all of the videos that have been produced.

Also, something new on our webpage is a new donation button.  On the right side of the webpage you will see a button for the Arequipa Project and another for the Villages of Arequipa Special Fund.  The Arequipa Project is for the normal support donations.  Use the Villages of Arequipa Special Fund for financial gifts specifically designated for the food donations.  Clicking on these buttons will take you to the instructions on how to give electronically or on how to mail in a check to the office.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

Finish Strong,
Jeff and Angela Anderson

El Misti

Picchu Pichu

Sunset Over Arequipa

Flamingos in Peru