Who We Are:

Josh is kind and compassionate! He has a love for the lost like no one else. He was told the gospel at a very young age and believed it. The story of Christ was introduced to him by a teenage boy explaining it through the eyes of the thief next to Christ on the cross. Josh knew that he sinned and needed the forgiveness offered through believing Christ died for him. 

He now wants to serve the Lord and love people in order to tell them about Christ. He is a wonderful husband and father. His hope is to teach others about the God of the Bible because He alone can save. People must first hear the truth before they can believe in Him and be given this new life in Him. Josh was first set on this path of missions when he went to Nicaragua and saw people wanting to trust in Christ. He grew up in church but this passion has deepened the last several years. Our latest trip was to North Africa for 3 months. 

The Lord opened our eyes to the M*slim world. Through prayer and seeking Him we both feel the urge to reach the people in places in the world who don’t have easy access to hear about Jesus. Josh enjoys studying and teaching from God’s Word especially with smaller groups or one on one.

Charity is really awesome! She is first a daughter of the God of the universe who created everything and saved her by His grace. She is also an amazing wife and is the second greatest blessing Josh has ever received. She is a mother and is training and raising Gracey with love and wisdom. 

She is a beautiful balance of artistic ability, perseverance, and genuine love for the countless lost of the world. She comes from a big family and has a high value on quality time and family involvement. She came to understand that she was a sinner in need of the perfect righteousness found only in Jesus Christ through an AWANA program when she was a young girl. She was first introduced to mission ministries in Utah, USA and since has been to Canada, Guatemala, North Africa and Europe to share Christ. 

She has a degree in missions from Bible school which she received in 2019. She is engaging and wise in her approach to discipleship and enjoys group functions. She laughs much and enjoys the little things in life. One of her top verses is Psalm 19:14. “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, oh LORD, my ROCK and my REDEEMER.’’ 

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