A Testimonial to the Lord

September 19, 2023 | Victor and Maddy Ramirez

Dear Family and Friends,

It is time to give a huge testimonial to the Lord’s faithfulness and provision. He has provided abundantly over the past few months. Not only did He work out the details to be able to purchase the place for the church plant, He has provided for some of the remodel supplies and provided many helping hands to come alongside of us and work towards this worthy task. We have been so blessed to see Him at work.

We have a short review of some of the activities with a few photos in our Ramirez Report linked below. Please take a moment to read it and thank the Lord for His goodness and favor. The Lord is truly worthy of all praise for what has been accomplished.

We hope to be able to send you a Grand Opening invitation to join us in the next few weeks, Lord willing. Until then, keep those prayers coming. We appreciate them.


Church building remodeling

TBM Missionary Conference

Wall tile installation