Exciting Times Doing Deputation

March 30, 2018 | LeAnn Harris

Dear Family and Friends,

Want to go on an adventure and see God involved all along the way? Try becoming a missionary and then do deputation. It is AMAZING! I see Him so many times taking action on my behalf. It is just like what we see in the Bible….

Please read my latest newsletter to see some of the times He has revealed Himself to me. Click on the link below titled LeAnn’s Ledger – April 2018. You will read about these, get an update about how I am doing, and even see some praise items and prayer requests to join me in.

Thank you so very much for being a vital member of the team that is assisting me get back to Kenya, Africa. And if you aren’t a team member YET, but want to be, the letter will tell you how to do that.

Blessings to you,



Exciting Times Doing Deputation

Exciting Times Doing Deputation