Karibu Kenya…Welcome to Kenya!

September 28, 2018 | LeAnn Harris

I have reached Kenya and I couldn’t be more excited! After a scare at the Denver airport where I though two of my four trunks were not going to make it on the plane, the rest of the trip over “the pond” was uneventful. Praise the Lord and thank you so much for praying for my travels.

I will be here in Kisumu with my family for a few more days, then I will travel right outside Nairobi where the language school I will be attending is. I will be there learning the Swahili language and learning about East African culture. I’m excited to be able to have this opportunity, where the Lord has set aside a time for me to learn more about the people and culture I will be ministering to.

I will be honest though, I am intimidated…and have some fears of learning a new language and culture, even though I have been here in Kenya many times. I am more of a visual (see and touch) learner and don’t always feel comfortable in classroom settings. Shade School of Language and Culture, the languageschool I will be attending, has a mix of both classroom and hands on learning for which I’m thankful for. If you could pray along with me for my time at school I would be forever grateful!

My prayer during my time at school is:

  • Not to be afraid of making a fool of myself in trying to speak the language
  • To ask many questions
  • Understanding. Pray the Lord will give me an open mind and heart that can be taught
  • Have a good time. Pray the Lord helps me to see and take opportunities to relax and enjoy this time of learning

Made it to Kenya!

Studying the Word!