UN-expected Furlough

June 7, 2019 | LeAnn Harris

Dear Family and Friends,

I have attached below my first full newsletter since being back in the States.  It was an un-expected furlough caused by “paperwork” issues.  Kenya wants all foreigners to be in their home country when they apply for their work permits for the first time.  So, here I am.  BUT, this did not take the Lord by surprise so He was expecting this to happen and for good reason.  I’m starting to see some of those reasons.

I also have a bit of a change of plans for when I return.  All of this is in LeAnn’s Ledger for June, 2019 attached below.  Please open it and “catch up” on what’s happening and see some photos of what’s been going on.

Thank you so much for your blessings and encouragement.

In Christ,



A Family Gathering