We Are Just Passing Through

September 3, 2023 | LeAnn Harris

Hello from Africa.

Thank you so much for praying me across the pond! I have arrived safely and it’s good to be home. I traveled to Uganda about 5 days after I returned to Kenya to spend some time with Percy. He has introduced me to more of his family and friends and what a blessing it’s been to meet them. As we plan for my move to Uganda at the end of October, there are things to figure out. 

Will you please pray with us for these things….
-How to move my things: There is a possibility my things may be taxed as I enter Uganda….we need to confirm this information then find the best way forward in how to move my things here.  
-Finding secure housing: I hope to be staying at a missionary family’s home while they are away in the US for a few months when I first arrive in Uganda. This will give me some time to look around at what is available to rent and not have to rush to find something. 
-Preparing to leave Kenya: I will continue to teach the women at Crossroads Community Church and move forward in their lessons. I will also be setting them up with lessons before I move so they can continue to meet together when I’m gone. Please pray for their hearts to understand that I’m not abandoning them. Please pray for my heart as these women are not just my students, they are my friends and sisters-in-Christ. 
-Work permit/visa: When I move to Uganda I will enter on my Kenyan work permit till February 2024 at which time my work permit will expire. I will have to re-enter Uganda on a 3 month visitor visa. I will seek to extend that visa one time for 3 more months. When Percy and I get married, I will be able to legally be in Uganda as a dependent under him. Please pray everything with immigration goes smoothly and they will allow all the extensions. 

Thank you for coming along on this amazing journey. Gods faithfulness and yours encourages me to keep running the race before me. I’m so blessed to have you running with me. I have more details in the LeAnn’s Ledger link below.
If you have any questions about anything please don’t hesitate to ask. It’s hard to share all the details about all things in a short newsletter so I welcome your questions. 

Many blessings 
LeAnn <><


My Percy!


Uganda Falls