Our Mission:

Our mission is to share the message of God’s love and forgiveness of sins through faith alone by grace alone in Jesus Christ alone. We also want to help believers grow in their walk through encouragement and discipleship. We want to see all people grow to maturity in Christ.

Jeff’s Biography:

Jeff Moore was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He grew up in a Christian family and trusted Christ as his Savior at Lake Lundgren Bible Camp when he was 7. After Jeff graduated from High School, he went to Frontier School of the Bible in Lagrange, WY to learn more about God and His Word. While there, he met and married Kiley in 2015, and graduated from the Bible school in 2016. He heard God’s call on his life for missionary service; and soon after, he joined Tentmakers Bible Mission. He looks forward to serving wherever God leads the two of them to go.

Kiley’s Biography:

Kiley Moore was born in the small state of Delaware on the eastern coast of the US. She came from a Christian home and trusted the Lord as her personal savior after a conversation with her brother at the age of 4.

Kiley felt the Lord’s call in her life toward missions after a trip she took with her church youth group to northern Maine to run a Vacation Bible School and then later the call to serve in Latin America after a trip to serve in Costa Rica at the age of 14 . After high school graduation, Kiley went to Frontier School of the Bible in LaGrange, WY to get more training in the Word of God. Frontier is were Kiley met Jeff. It is also where God opened up the opportunity and called them to serve in Peru. After the call to serve in Peru, Jeff and Kiley joined Tentmakers Bible Mission.

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