Las Vegas is a city with a strong reputation. In the midst of the labels of Las Vegas, there are thousands of individuals who need to experience God’s grace. And where there is sin, God’s grace abounds even more. God has, without a doubt, led us to plant East Valley Bible Church in the midst of these people. And where He has led, the Lord has also paved the way to see people saved and grow in a relationship with Him. The longer we are here, the more we see evidence that God is the powerful One who doesn’t need us, but His zeal to forgive the people of Vegas includes us as His servants. Through our time in Nevada, God has been transforming His people (including us) to be more like Him. We praise Him for His faithfulness and grace as He builds His church.

Who We Are:


I grew up in Iowa, a part of a wonderful family. They were the first and biggest influence in my life for God even though the church was also a big part of my life. I understood at the age of 7 that I was in need of a Savior. My mom clearly explained that Jesus died to save me from the wrong things I had done and would do and that He had risen from the dead to give me a real, intimate relationship with Him. From that moment on there were a lot of ups and downs but God, in His grace, got a hold of me half way into my freshman year of college. I was attending a secular college and was focused on myself until God opened a door for me to attend a small Bible school in LaGrange, Wyoming called Frontier School of the Bible. Through my 3 years of being trained in God’s word at FSB, I realized God’s amazing heart for people, and not only that, but how He uses His children to reach the people of this world. With the awesome vision of seeing people fall in love with God, I just couldn’t see myself devoting my life to a full-time secular career. There, at school, I met my amazing wife who I married June 2nd, 2012. As we live and serve God, she is a constant reminder to me of God’s awesome grace. She is my best friend and greatest encouragement.


I am from St. George, Utah. I grew up going to church with my cousins and later with my siblings. Because of their influence, I knew all the Bible stories and had heard about Jesus. But I did not know Him as my Savior until around the age of seven. Out of fear, I decided to ask my sister about Hell. She explained to me that God was perfect and since I was a sinner, I was separated from God and was going to Hell. But because God loved me so much, He sent Jesus to pay the penalty for my sin and if I trusted in Jesus alone to get me to Heaven, then I would be saved from Hell. I did trust Jesus as my Savior at that time, but my personal relationship with Jesus Christ didn’t start growing until I was in middle school. God used many trials and difficult times in my family to get my attention and teach me to trust in Him and His sovereign will. He also used Bible camp, youth group, and good friends to encourage and challenge me. After high school, I attended Frontier School of the Bible. While at Bible school, God gave me a love for people and a desire to work in full-time ministry, serving and ministering to people. Another thing that God gave me while I was at FSB was an incredible man that shared the same desire to see God work and change people’s lives. That man became my husband on June 2, 2012 and I couldn’t dream up anyone better to be in ministry with. God is Good!

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