Our mission is to reach souls with the amazing salvation message, planting churches that can have effective evangelistic outreach.

“For a great door and effectual service is opened unto me . . .” (I Corinthians 16:9a)

Wherever he went, the apostle Paul was constantly aware of the ministry opportunities around him. Those kinds of opportunities are still all around us, but we sometimes miss them because we do not know where to find them or how to get involved.

In 1995 Paul and Janis joined Tentmakers Bible Mission. During the past years, Paulo and Janis planted churches, opened a rehabilitation home for drug addicts and ministered to needy and street children using camp ministry as a tool. Their most recent ministry has been church planting in the slums in Fortaleza, a city of over 3 million people.

Paulo was born in a small town in the interior of Northeast Brazil. He came from a Catholic family and at the age of 15 he accepted Jesus as Savior in a Baptist church. Paulo then moved to the capital of the state to conclude his studies and there he met Janis Johnson, whom he married six years later. After they were married, Paul became pastor of the Baptist Church of the town of Assaré, Brazil.

Janis was born to a missionary family and grew up in Brazil. At the age of five Janis accepted Christ as Savior. At the age of eleven she was baptized and dedicated her life to Christian service. Paulo and Janis were married on May 23, 1987. The Lord blessed them with three children, Joyce, Jason and Jonathan.

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