Our Ministry:

Our mission is to share the hope and purpose found in Jesus Christ, plant gospel-driven, Bible-believing churches, and disciple eternity-focused believers in north Spain.

Spain’s main spiritual challenges are false spirituality and atheism. People struggle to see their need for a relationship with Christ. While many in Spain follow religious traditions, very few understand the gospel. When only 1% of the country claims to be evangelical Christian, Bible-focused churches become a rarity in large cities. Numerous smaller, isolated villages remain without any gospel witness.

Our goal is to start a network of church planting where there is little or no gospel witness. We begin our ministry in a small, unreached town called Fraga, a two-hour drive inland from Barcelona. Our strategy is to establish relationships in the community through volunteering alongside locals, teaching English classes, and participating in community events. Through these relationships, we will begin an in-house study, in the style of “Discovery Bible Studies.” This encourages all involved to understand and apply the Word of God to their own life and provides them opportunity to understand and embrace the good news of Jesus Christ.

The structure relies on the Holy Spirit’s illumination of the Word of God to the individual and is simple enough that anyone can moderate a Bible Study. This simplicity means that we can seek and disciple believers who show leadership ability. As the Bible Study continues to grow, it may join other groups in the area to develop as a church after a local leader receives pastoral training.

After a leader is trained and established, we are free to repeat the process in surrounding villages, while being able to provide mentorship to the recently established church.


Victor was born in Mexico and was led to the Lord as a child by his aunt. His mother and he moved to Spain when he was nine years old and he rejected Christianity during his teen years. The work of the Holy Spirit and many prayers brought him back from rebellion. In 2009, he visited Mexico and stayed with his aunt who had led him to Christ. A conversation led to him rededicating his life to the Lord. God changed his heart to pursue a life of ministry. Victor went to Pensacola Christian College in Florida to study pastoral ministries, and there met Maddy.

Maddy was born and raised in Minnesota with her brother and sister. Her parents were Christians and regularly attended church, where she first understood the gospel in Sunday school and accepted Christ. She grew in the Lord and learned to surrender her life to Him. She wanted to use her talents to further the gospel of Christ, and pursued a graphic design degree at Pensacola Christian College. She’s been able to use her skills in graphic design in various ways for the ministries she’s served in.

Victor and Maddy were married in 2014. After they both achieved their MA degrees, they moved to Spain and worked with a church plant for two years.

They have two beautiful little boys, Donovan (June, 2016) and Nathan (May, 2018).

Overlooking Fraga & the Countryside

Roof Tops & Catholic Church

Street Cafe in Downtown Fraga

Typical Day Outside the Grocery Store in Fraga

Fraga's Major Street

The Historic District of Fraga

Fraga, Huesca, SPAIN

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